Snacker Day Saturday: 3/31


Squash and I go way back.

We first met under a true-blue North Carolina sky while I was learning the ropes of gardening at my grandparents’ house. They always have an abundant garden and one of my favorite things about summertime when growing up was spending a week squatting on my knees pickin’ beans, eating fresh tomatoes between slices of white bread, and baking zucchini slices with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. I also had a tendency to get distracted from my bean-washing duties in the driveway making mini obstacle courses for baby toads out of old seedling containers, but that’s a different story. There’s really nothing better than hauling a huge bucket of green beans from the garden that you’ve picked yourself and then eating them for dinner that night.

The only problem with having access to so many fresh, backyard-grown veggies?
Vegetables from the grocery store never taste as good.

Still, I love my veggies and since I currently live in a place where I can’t grow my own in the backyard, I buy my veggies from the co-op or from farmers markets when I can. And the other day while I was shopping, a beautiful, yellow squash caught my eye. I think it might be the bright, sunshine-y weather that’s bringing me back to summer days, and I started craving a delicious vegetable concoction of some sort.

Combine a delicious yellow summer squash with a need for a crunchy snack and what do you get?

A snack that will squash all of your expectations.

Here’s my recipe for squash chips. The process may take a while and the chips will be gone faster than you can say “little toad obstacle course”, but it’s totally worth it to make them. They’re that good.

Oven-baked Squash Chips


1 yellow squash


Other seasonings of choice (I used an Italian blend on this batch, but I feel like you could make some great new variations on the chips – cheesy squash chips? Chipotle rubbed squash chips? Garlic squash chips?)

How To

1. Using either a mandolin or a knife, slice the squash as thin as you can. This is the hardest and most important step of making these chips so take your time. I cut them with a knife and although difficult, they turned out perfect.

2. Spray a cookie sheet (or two) liberally with cooking spray. Then line the squash slices up on the cookie sheets, ensuring that they don’t touch (they can be really close to each other, but not touching). Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

3. Sprinkle salt over the squash slices. BE CAREFUL during this step – the chips will shrink and you don’t want to bite into a squash chip that tastes like ocean water. At this point, sprinkle whatever else you want on the chips right now too.

4. Put the cookie sheets into the oven. Let the squash chips bake for 2-3 hours (check them at 2 hours and see how long they need from there). The longer you bake them the crunchier they will be. Patience pays off in this recipe!

5. Take the chips out of the oven and try not to shove them all in your mouth at once. In fact, to keep you preoccupied while you’re snackin’ on squash chips, here’s a little bit of reading to keep you busy.

There’s a story called “True Trash” by Margaret Atwood from her collection titled Wilderness Tips that I think would be perfect for today. Set at a summer camp, this story comes equipped with docks for laying out, sunny weather, and a cool lake for swimming. And drama. Lots of suspense, intriguing interactions between campers and counselors and the female waitresses that make up a small but important chunk of the camp population. If the weather and the squash chips aren’t bringing you towards summer then this story will.

Whatever you do today, whether it’s getting outside for a walk or to mow the lawn or relax with a book, I hope you make these squash chips and thoroughly enjoy your Saturday!


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    • I’m glad you’re excited to try them! Thanks, I am majoring in both creative writing and literature so reading and writing are outlets for me. Hope you enjoy the chips!

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  4. They look delicious, always looking for a good “Baked” version. Can you share your Italian blend with us? Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Honestly, every time I’ve made them I’ve gobbled them up right after so I don’t really have a good answer for you! If you do make them, make sure they’re pretty crispy, let them cool, and then I’d suggest storing them in an airtight container or plastic baggie at room temperature until the next day. Let me know how they hold up and let me know if you enjoy them!

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  6. I have a squash just about to come out of the garden, and I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Yum! I can’t wait to make these. If I make zucchini and squash, can I put them in for the same amount of time and oven temperature? Thanks for posting this recipe!

    • I haven’t ever done that before but if you cut them all the same width (really, really thin) then I would guess that they’d all turn out great. Hope you enjoy the recipe and let me know how your squash and zuchinni combo turns out!

      • Tried it with zucchini, and they turned out great. They didn’t last long once they left the oven 🙂

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  9. I know this may be a dumb question, but I am new at the whole garden thing. Are you supposed to remove the seeds from the squash ? Thanks !

    • Glad you’re starting to garden! What a fun hobby! Summer squash are great because you just slice ’em and eat ’em! Butternut squash or spaghetti squash (not what I used for these chips) look kind of like mini pumpkins in different colors and they have seeds you have to take out. But this recipe is simple – get yourself a couple yellow summer squash, slice them thin and then make some chips! Thanks for checking out my blog.

  10. Thanks for this easy recipe! I need to do this right now but I don’t have what you used…BUT I do have Italian bread crumbs. What do you think about using those on top of the squash? I too am new at gardening and I LOVE IT!!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! Hmm…I’d love for you to try it and see how they turn out! My only concern is that the squash chips really lose their moisture in the oven so I don’t know how well the crumbs would stick on there. I’d give it a go and try it though!! If you don’t have Italian seasoning on hand, you could always do half with the crumbs to see how they work and sprinkle your favorite seasoning lightly over the other half (the flavor gets more concentrated as they bake). Hope this helps and let me know if you try it!

      • Right now I just put my favorite seasonings on them. I know it sure is smelling good. I hope it tastes as good as it is smelling. You made it sound so good, my mouth started watering

      • Hey Nikki! Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you spiced the chips up your way! Hope you loved them and that you come back to check out some of my other recipes!

  11. Well they are in the oven now..but I am going to maybe try other things too. Did you sprinkle both sides..that might have been a mistake because I didn’t..but we will see and I will let you know how it turns out. What do you mean Italian seasonings…what did you use. Thanks!

  12. Im sorry to leave another comment but they aren’t getting hard…crispy at all they are still soft. They are going on 3 hours and not sure what I did wrong.

    • Hey Angela! You were correct to only season one side – like I said before, the flavors get very concentrated when you make the chips so you don’t need too much seasoning to get a lot of flavor. Also, I’m really sorry but I don’t think I can be of too much help as to why the chips didn’t turn out for you! 😦 I try out my recipes before I post them so I know that they work and taste great, but it’s hard for me to help when I wasn’t there making them with you. A lot of things in this recipe could have changed the outcome for you – the thinness that you cut the squash, the style of pan that you used, your oven, etc. I wish I could be of more help!!

  13. I squash and zucchini in the oven right now. I set it at a higher temperature because I just don’t want my oven on for 3-4 hours during 90* weather lol. Have you ever tried turning up the heat to speed the process?

    • No, I haven’t but I was curious to! Did it work out for you? I love making kale chips at 350 because they only take 10-15 minutes, so I would love if I could do the same with these squash chips. Thanks for checking out my blog and let me know how the increased temp worked for you!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you find other recipes while you’re here that you love. I actually made these squash chips today and boy are they good! My mom and I ate 2 whole squash in about five minutes flat. Veggies can taste so good!!

  14. These are in the oven right now. I sprinkled garlic on some, blended peppers on others, Italian season on another pan. I used a small amount of sea salt on all. Can’t wait to try them. Thank you for your great idea.

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  16. Made these today – My squash and zucchini were smaller, so the disks were smaller, and my mandolin sliced them very very thin, I checked them at 2hrs and they were just a little overdone, but still very tasty! I will make these again! Thanks!

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  18. I was excited to make these and the taste was great. for those that I could eat. you might consider a measurement of thickness instead of just description. I really did try to slice them thin, I thought some pieces might have been too thin so I tossed those into the compost scraps instead of baking – but I discovered there is such a thing as too thin. way too thin. if I had looked at the photos I might have sliced them thicker, and now through trial and error I’ll know for next time, but meanwhile, mostly I just succeeded in baking a lot of squash onto the (well-greased) pan by the time 1.5 hours rolled around. a small amount was just right at least. I used my homemade cajun seasoning, a little spicy but we like it that way. I will certainly do this again (all that CSA squash coming), but thicker!

    • I’m sorry that you had issues with the thickness! It’s hard for me to express exactly how thin to cut them (which is why I included the picture) – especially when I don’t know what types of pans people are using, how much oil they put, or how well their ovens work. I’m so happy that you tried them out though! I hope next time you end up with a batch of perfectly baked chips! 🙂 Hope you enjoy some of the other recipes on my blog.

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