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Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade on the Rocks


I’ll just let that sink in for a quick second.

Sparkling. Watermelon lemonade. On the rocks.

I’ve been guzzling tons of smoothies and fun drinks this week while experimenting and coming up with recipes for this special cold-drink concoction week and dare I say it? I think this is my favorite drink so far. I don’t know if it’s the fizz action, the playful splash of citrus, or the frozen chunks of watermelon left at the end, but this glass of sparkling watermelon lemonade was gone faster than you can say the name of the drink. So. Good.

It’s pretty obvious why this drink should be in your hand all summer long. Watermelons and lemonade – does it get any more summery than that? This drink is easy to make in mass quantities and is a far cry from the classic Country Time Lemonade mix we’re all prone to bust out every now and then. I’ve slurped down my fair share of the good ole’ Country Time stuff: my cousins and I used to have a lemonade stand every single summer. We’d plan for days what kind of lemonade to buy, what kind of candy we’d sell, and most importantly, who had the best handwriting to make our sign. Lemonade brings back some of the best memories of summer because my cousins and I grew so close over the years through our tradition.

Despite the fact that I love lemonade though, I’m not a huge fan of sickly sweet sugary drinks. I came up with the idea to try to let the sweetness of watermelon shine so that the end product tasted more natural than the lemonade most of us are used to. Also, I’ve become obsessed with freezing fruit this week (blame it on the green monsters I’ve been drinking each morning for breakfast) so I decided to freeze watermelon in an attempt to use them as ice cubes in this drink. Mission accomplished. I chopped the pieces of watermelon a little bit to get more of a slushie-style ice and then poured this delicious drink in over them.

 Sorry if all of the watermelons and lemons are gone in your grocery store – it was probably me popping in to buy up the entire stock so I can make this drink every second every day quite a bit this summer. Trust me, it’s like drinking summer sunshine out of a cup. Except it’s ice cold, bubbly, and the perfect note of sour.

Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade on the Rocks
(Makes one serving. Please make a  quadruple-billion-million-trillion batches.)
1 cup watermelon slices (divided)
1 cup Sprite zero (or Sprite, or some sort of organic, fizzy, lemon-lime beverage)
2 lemons
Optional: sugar (I LOVED it with no sugar added, but if you’d like a little summertime sweetness, be my guest)
How To
1. Freeze 1/2 cup watermelon overnight or for a couple of hours.
2. When the frozen watermelon is frozen, go ahead and chop it up to the size ice cube that you’d like. Set aside.
3. With the other 1/2 cup watermelon, put in a juicer (if you’re fancy enough to have one), or if you’re like me, just smash the watermelon up with a fork so that it’s really well broken up and smashed. Then, pour the watermelon juice into the cup that you’ll be using (if making a larger batch, go ahead and pour watermelon juice into a pitcher).
4. Cut lemons into quarters. Squeeze as much lemon juice as you can into the watermelon juice. Stir a little bit. Next, add the cup of Sprite to the glass you’re using. Last, add the frozen watermelon cubes. Stick a straw in it (or your face) and chug. Repeat often.