Snacker Day Saturday: 4/7


Orange you excited for Easter tomorrow? I sure am! My mom is coming to see me so I’m getting to spend the day with her and two of my precious roommates. We’ve got quite the feast planned!

I’ve got two little friends who are excited for Easter, too and they’ve got a snack recipe to share.
Meet Foreman and Chase (yes, the people who named them might love spending Friday nights watching House on DVD…)

With Easter arriving tomorrow and full-blown hot weather coming soon after, these cuties thought it might be nice to share a snack recipe that can keep you cool no matter the temperatures outside. It’s not much of a recipe because there’s really not that much you have to do, but that’s the great part about it! Serve these slices as a sweet poolside treat, a refreshing and healthy alternative to dessert, or to the Easter bunny tomorrow when he shows up exhausted at your door from delivering so many goodies.

So if you’re looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth today (before you dive headfirst into a bucket of Cadbury Creme Eggs, Peeps, and Reese’s Eggs tomorrow), try these out. The recipe below serves one, but if you double it or triple it or quadruple it you can serve it as a side at a party, as a post-dinner palate-refresher for guests, or just eat more oranges yourself. 🙂 That last option is one that Foreman and Chase highly recommend.

Frozen Orange Slices


1 orange

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon sugar

How To

1. Peel an orange and separate it into slices

2. In a small bowl or tupperware, sprinkle seasonings on top of the slices. Mix them around or shake them up so that all of the pieces are evenly coated.

3. Pop the slices in the freezer for 15-45 minutes (depending on your desired level of chill) and then enjoy them.

Easy, right?

As for my reading tidbit today, I highly recommend reading the story in the Bible about why Easter is celebrated. No matter if you’ve never heard it or read it one thousand times, it seems the most suitable story I can recommend for today, and it’s the only reading that’s been on my mind today. Try reading Matthew chapters 26-28 while you’re enjoying those frozen orange slices.

I hope all of you have wonderful Easters! Chase and Foreman say peep peep peep which means that they hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow as well.


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