Can I get a blogroll, please?


Yesterday I told you all of my breakfast secrets (well, not all of them, but enough to keep you eating delicious recipes in the morning for a while) and I also told you that I’ve got something great that goes along with each delicious breakfast I eat. We all know I love eating and reading (I mean that’s what this blog is about, right?) so it should come as no surprise that I love lingering over a cup of coffee with one hand on a spoon and the other on my mouse! That’s right – while I eat breakfast, I love to start my day off in a relaxing way by checking up on all of my favorite bloggers. Since I love doing this so much, I thought I’d fill you in on some of my staple blogs I read!

Eat, Live, Run: Jenna’s blog is one that I started reading really early on in my ‘blog-discovery-process’ (you know, the moment you stumble upon blogs and realize how personal, unique, and absolutely addictive they are). I started reading her blog because of the title, and although she doesn’t do much running anymore, she’s an avid yogi and is well on her way to becoming a yoga instructor! I found her story neat because she got her undergrad in creative writing (just like me) and then went on to culinary school. Her recipes are fresh, healthy, and her blog is always fun to read! Check her blog out if you’re an omnivore focusing on healthy choices with some indulgent treats thrown in!

Oh She Glows: Angela is a recipe genius. And don’t take the word “genius” lightly in this context: she comes up with the most brilliant vegan recipes you could ever dream of. I requested one of her recipes for my birthday (and my roommates made a beautiful cake), we’ve used her recipes for Thanksgiving, and for just plain ole every night dinners. To top off her incredible array of eats? She’s brimming with positive energy, ways to keep you healthy both mentally and physically, and talks about the importance of just lovin’ yourself for who you are. She talks about her own life struggles to help others through theirs which is highly motivational! Definitely check this blog out!

Kath Eats Real Food: Like clockwork, Kath’s got a post out every morning, mid-day, and night. Why does she blog so much? She’s an R.D. that blogs about what she eats, meaning that if you’re looking for a healthy meal plan or a model of how to eat nutritious, balanced meals for your body, just check in every once in a while to see how she does it! She owns a Great Harvest Bread Co. with her husband so along with beautiful pictures of wholesome meals, she throws in happenings around the bakery and exercise stories as well. It’s a great blog to read if you’re interested in learning more about eating healthy from someone who went to school to learn about it!

Chocolate Covered Katie: She’s magic. Who else can turn a can of garbanzo beans into a decadent, rich, deep-dish cookie pie? Katie takes the most outrageous of desserts (and the classics) and transforms them into healthy, veganized versions of their former selves. She’s got recipes ranging from cookies to frosting to mousse to cupcakes…you name the dessert, she’s probably come up with a brilliant recipe for it. Another feature of CCK that I love? She’s got a ton of single serving recipes that you can whip up in a couple minutes, meaning that if you’re studying and get that craving for just one slice of carrot cake, Katie’s got you covered.

Averie Cooks: Formerly known as “Love Veggies and Yoga”, this blog just recently got revamped and re-titled! Averie unabashedly cooks with extremely rich ingredients, melding together so many delicious flavors and dessert options that it almost looks too good to be true. Note, I said almost. She’s got a collection of bar recipes that would fill up an entire scroll, and too many other decadent treats to name. Her photography is beautiful – so good that you almost start drooling while looking at every post. In addition to her sweets, she posts dinner recipes sometimes that look light and flavorful. In case you haven’t already clicked on the link just based on what I’ve said, she also has incredible giveaways as well!

Well, that’s my blogroll! Those are the blogs I frequent nearly every day (sometimes refreshing multiple times a day in hopes that a new, glorious recipe will magically pop up). In addition to those blogs, I love looking at foodgawker and TasteSpotting to hone in on photography and recipes that I might not see otherwise. Speaking of those two sites – it’s my ultimate goal to get a photo published on foodgawker so I’m hoping it happens as my photography continues to improve. But even though I haven’t gotten a picture on foodgawker, I was thrilled yesterday after learning that my Pecan Pie Butter was accepted to TasteSpotting! I had a huge spoonful of the stuff to celebrate!

Can’t wait to share a Snacker Day Saturday recipe and read with you tomorrow! And I’d love to hear from you, what are some of your favorite blogs? Do you have blogs that you frequent every day? Or, what’s your favorite recipe on your blog? Link it up in the comments section!


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Chocolate Covered Katie! She’s a Goddess! I’m a HUGE fan of hers, she’s creative, makes delicious treats that are healthful, and she’s so adorable and nice!

    I’m a big fan of Skinnytaste too—
    Gina makes great low-fat recipes! She’s a genius!

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