Ich habe einen German Chocolate Cake. Vegan. Ya Vole. [Guest Blog Post]


Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve seen her face on this blog several times, witnessed her baking and measuring when I deemed myself too incompetent, and heard tales of her genius concoctions in the kitchen. It is my pleasure to formally introduce you to your guest blogger today, Andrea! She’s a girl who loves broccoli as much as she loves the earth, has a sweet tooth for chocolate and saving all of the animals in the world, and devours grapes with as much gusto as she does an informative book about topics she’s passionate in. A runner, five-finger-wearer, unique-necklace-owner, vegan, tree-lovin’, baker-extraordinaire, Andrea is my cherished friend and cooking partner in crime. So without more gab from me, here’s Andrea’s inaugural post in the blogging world! Enjoy!

Hi I’m Andrea and I’m nervous to be writing this post.

So nervous that I made this cake in December and have been putting it off ever since. I’m obviously honored to be guest blogging on my favorite blog and don’t want to let my friend Jacqueline down!

Being vegan, I surprisingly do indulge in a lot of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and milkshakes. They are all obviously delicious, but usually just the staple flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter… So when I saw a recipe for a vegan German Chocolate Cake in a new cookbook Jacqueline got me for my birthday, I knew it had to be made.

I wasn’t with my favorite baking crew (my roommates) because it was winter vacation so we couldn’t indulge in licking the frosting spoons together but I’m glad I finally get to share my cake success now!

The ingredients were gathered around, the cakes were baked, and I was ready to assemble!

Can you tell what I was going for here? Making the chocolate cake look like soil that is growing the grass from the bag of sugar? Yeah, obviously I just got a new camera and thought I was being super artsy.

What a great excuse to use the little Mr. Frosty cake stand.

Where is that missing piece you ask? Obviously I had to have a piece before the photo shoot. When it comes to chocolate, my patience is about ZERO!

This recipe is from Mama Pea herself in her cookbook Peas and Thank You. It is definitely one of my favorite cookbooks ever, Mama Pea has yet to disappoint! To get this recipe for German Chocolate Cake and read Mama Pea’s blog for yourself, check this out!

These are just some more pictures I took with my new camera on New Years Eve. What a great way to ring in the New Year.

It’s obviously not even close to New Years anymore, but there really is no wrong time to make a Vegan German chocolate cake and hang out at the beach!! The first day of Spring is coming up, though! I think that’s always the most exciting season change. It’s only going to get warmer from here!

Have a great Spring, however you ring it in!!!



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  1. Can I just say that this is the best guest blog post ever…. maybe even the best blog post ever! 🙂 I mean this definitely made my day, and I am going to run home in between classes to make this delicious concoction. The pictures are mouth watering, and I am sure that it tastes even better. But more importantly… my guest blog post will be coming next, so you better be looking forward to that!

      • But… it will be a blog to remember… forever and ever in blog history! YEah thats right, it will be that good!

      • Sullivan, can’t WAIT to have you as a guest blogger. Will your recipe be a grain with a veggie and pesto? Or something more feta centered? I know you’ll come up with something great! 🙂

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