Snacker Day Saturday: 3/24


Today I’m leaving my family to go home, which means I’m spending the whole day in airports. Hooray for fun days spent in airport terminals when you woke up earlier than the sun and all of the coffee shops! Luckily for you, I’ll spare you the details of my “snacker day” today, as it will most assuredly consist of the giant bag of cheerios I have in my backpack, an apple, and some Christmas themed Clif Bars. And let’s not forget my most important snack today: an extra-large, overpriced coffee from one of these airports. I can’t wait until the caffeine hits my bloodstream.

But I won’t bore you any more with the woes of pricey airports, eyes that can’t stay open, and the fact that I’m already missing my family. Instead, I’m going to give you a fun new snack idea and a great new short story to read. And I guess this snack actually does relate to airports (unless I’m just making this up in my stupor of sleepiness). We’ll try this connection out and see how it goes:

Ever walk through an airport or mall and smell Cinnabon? Please say yes, and please tell me that each and every time you walk past the sugary, sweet, buttery mountains of puffy dough and sticky glaze you really really want one. You want one so much in fact that you manage to look past the fact that these suckers cost half of your days paycheck and probably contain enough sugar to send 100 small children bouncing to the moon and back, and you almost convince yourself to buy one. Note, I said almost. Whenever I smell those Cinnabons, I’ll admit that yes, I crave them, but I always know in the back of my mind that I can make something more nutritious, filling, and less expensive at home (please tell me to read this post later when I’ve been in the airports for eight hours and I’m salivating for absolutely anything).

So today, in honor of my future airport stroll past Cinnabon, I’m bestowing upon you the recipe for a delicious snack that is packed with flavor and looks like dessert (wow, my ‘snacks‘ seem to have a theme, don’t they…?) Anyway, here’s the recipe for the Sinless Cinnabon Snack I’ve been hyping up in this post. Wish I was home with a wrap, some peanut butter, and a banana to whip these bad boys up. Alas, I’ll just dig into my plain sandwich bag of cheerios for now.

Sinless Cinnabon Snack


1 whole wheat wrap

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 banana

1 teaspoon cinnamon

How To

1. Lay your wrap out on a flat surface (like a countertop, or table, or your abs that you procured for spring break) and just let it sit there while you mix up the ‘filling’.

2. In a bowl, mash a banana up well with a fork. Mix in the peanut butter (you may have to microwave for 5 seconds if it’s natural PB and refrigerated) and the cinnamon to the banana. It should attain a really smooth texture.

3. Scoop the banana mixture onto the wrap. Smooth the mixture out and spread it around, being sure to leave one-inch margins around the wrap.

4. You now have two options. Option A: Roll this bad boy up like a burrito and eat it (awesome as a lunch like this-I’ve packed it in a sandwich bag and an ice pack and it’s great). Option B: Roll the wrap up as if you’re making a spiral (because you are). Then, cut the spiral into little pieces that may or may not look like mini cinnamon rolls.

5. Eat ’em up!

I apologize for the horrible pictures but I promise, promise, promise that these taste WAY better than they look. I’ll leave it up to you to try them.

*We interrupt this blog post to inform you that the lights in the airport just turned on. That’s right ladies and gentlemen…I’m awake earlier than the lights at the airport! Go me!*

Anyway, onto my last order of business: a little reading snack to keep your mind working. By now, I’m sure you’re saying thank goodness this is almost over or you’ve just stopped reading. Either way, I’m not offended: sleep and I don’t do well without each other. Something else that does not do well without the other? Montana and Kevin Canty. Kevin Canty is a brilliant writer who crafts tightly written stories that offer room for insight into self and the world. And by “tightly written”, I’m referring to the title story of one of his short story collections called “Where the Money Went”.

I know that your Sinless Cinnabon Snack will take you 3.0 seconds to eat (okay, maybe I’m a REALLY fast eater), so I decided to keep the reading short, too. The story is only three pages and will leave you at the end feeling slightly different about reality by the end of it. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but the story really does provide a lot of space for self-reflection and an opportunity to view life from a different lens. Just go ahead, read it. The writing is far, far superior than the babbling I am doing on this blog this morning.

Just ignore my sleep-deprivation and trust that in a normal state of being I would recommend (highly recommend, in fact) both this snack recipe for your belly and for your brain. Have a great Snacker Day, Snacker!


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