Amazing Crepes [Restaurant Review]


Stuck in a rut of eating a pb&j for lunch every single day? Sick of boring old carrot sticks as a side to your sandwich? Aw, who am I kidding – carrot sticks can never get old! But nevertheless, if you’re looking for a quick way to revamp your lunch routine, head on over to Amazing Crepes in Whitefish, Montana to get your hands on some food that will blow your mind (and your taste buds).

Located among a strip of unique shops and restaurants in downtown Whitefish, Amazing Crepes first catches your eye while strolling the sidewalk. A handwritten easel chalkboard advertises specials of the day that sound too irresistible to pass up. With snow swirling around us and biting wind breaking through even the toughest of windshells, Wild Rice Mushroom Soup seemed like it would be the perfect lunch for me. We entered Amazing Crepes and were greeted by warm, sweet air, shiny wooden floors, two chalkboards full of savory and sweet crepe options, and a friendly staff that offered vibrant ‘hellos’. We asked for recommendations on what to order and were quickly informed that we would be happy with anything on the menu. Boasting tons of local ingredients incorporated into the crepes, and a strong emphasis on healthy and alternative flavor combinations, we all stared dumbfounded at the menu board for a couple minutes. I mean, how do you make the choice between a crepe filled with roasted veggies, spinach, egg, and cheddar, a crepe featuring smoked salmon, house-made green curry, and spinach, or a sweet crepe overflowing with nutella and bananas. To make it even more complicated, Amazing Crepes is also home to a solid roster of espresso drinks, refrigerated beverages, and local ice creams. I hope you feel as torn on what you would order as I did today!

After much deliberation, we all selected our lunch fare. Dad chose the Farm-to-Market sausage, cheddar, and egg crepe, Mom chose the pear, gorgonzola and toasted almond filled crepe, and I opted to order a cup of the soup of the day with a side of roasted root veggies (seriously, have I ever passed up roasted root veggies?) Once we submitted our orders, I filled up a cup with blood-orange infused ice water and we took a seat at a cozy table accented by a simple bouquet of flowers. Oh-and have I failed to mention that Amazing Crepes shares space with Remedies Day Spa? Yes, this means that not only does the store host the incredible aroma of fresh, homemade crepes, but also of house-made soaps and bath scents. If you ever feel yourself needing a day of full-body pampering, I’d head to this place where you can get a facial and an incredible meal in the same building.


While waiting for our food (which wasn’t long at all), we enjoyed watching the snow fall from huge, paned windows that brought a lot of natural light to the space. The restaurant and spa are characterized by high ceilings accented by embellished white tiles, streamlined wood floors, and an eclectic playlist of alternative music that complemented the coziness of the place. When our food arrived, we were all amazed by the beauty of the plating and moments later, the amazing taste of our meals. The soup was hearty and was paired with a local slice of thick, white bread that was doughy and perfect for soaking up richly flavored vegetable broth (made in-house, of course). The root vegetables I ordered tasted as though they’d been lightly coated in olive oil and rosemary. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and onions sliced thinly were piled and topped with an elegant slice of blood orange. Dad’s “Farm-to Market” crepe featured hearty, fresh flavors that seemed to highlight the fluffiness and crispness of the crepe. Mom’s pear and gorgonzola combination did not disappoint. Unique in flavor, the fillings of the crepe enhanced the overall experience of the meal; the pears were sliced impeccably thin and were paired with the cheese and almonds in each bite.

If you haven’t gathered from my excessive descriptions of how difficult it was to choose a meal, the beautiful ambience of this mountain-town restaurant, the local ingredients fused into the menu, the friendly and helpful staff, or the versatility present in both food and drink, I’ll give it to you plain: I LOVED this place. We were all extremely satisfied with our meals and vowed that if we’re ever back in Whitefish, we’d be return customers. If this isn’t enough to convince you, let me also say that the prices were exceptional; the meals range from $3-$8.25 which makes it very tempting to order more than one of these delightful creations.

And since I’m pretty much done with “table-talk” about this place, I’ll share one of my favorite details of the restaurant. This will make sense to you if you are aware of my obsession with antique books: in the bathroom, many books from the Miss Billy series by Eleanor H. Porter were featured. This touch, as well as the antique records on the wall, and the homemade soap next to the sink are all testament to the personal and unique touches of both Amazing Crepes and the adjoining spa. It was truly a pleasure to dine and spend an hour in this restaurant. It was more than just another lunch.

Want to see the amazing menu for yourself? Check out this website for the menu and much more information! Also, if you have any questions about my dining experience that I didn’t address, feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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