Me and Mark Twain…


…are BIRTHDAY TWINS! My birthday hope for him is that he once had a birthday as filled with best friends, good food, and spontaneous dance parties as I did today. Here’s a quick recap of my fun (and classwork) filled day!

Talk about getting old-I’m 20 now! I’m no longer a teenager, which made me a little sad until I realized I could still dance to Justin Beiber in my apartment. Which means I’m still young, right? Except for the fact that I ate oatmeal for breakfast which I think categorizes me as an oldster. I guess the jury’s still out on whether I fit better in the teeny-bopper category or a world filled with mushy oatmeal and suspenders. Maybe I’m a little bit of both.

Walnuts were the perfect ingredient in my birthday cake. My precious friends Andrea and Eliza made me a Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake with Buttercream frosting. Mmmmmm. The recipe came from one of my favorite bloggers, Angela Liddon. Check her blog out! But anyway, back to the cake! It was perfectly flavored for fall with some delicious spices. Even better, my great friends were all around me to share some slices of goodness with me! Thanks Andrea and Eliza for the cake! I LOVED it!

Exam. That’s not a word you want to hear in the same sentence as ‘birthday’, but it happened. I had an exam today, and a 30 page project due! Yay for birthdays filled with projects, papers, and exams! (sidenote-I think everything went really well so maybe it was birthday luck that got me through).

No matter how far away my friends and family are, they always let me know they are close at heart! I got fun birthday voicemails from my parents, grandparents, and friends. Also, I got packages in the mail that contained the most thoughtful presents I could ever think of. Birthdays have a way of bringing people together and I enjoyed the special notes, calls, and gifts I got from special people in my life.

Thai food. Salads. Coffee. Oatmeal. I got to share all of these things with my best friends. They took time out of their days to sit around with me at breakfast, lunch, AND dinner (they probably all got a Jacqueline-overdose today) to celebrate my birthday. And sweet Sullivan took me out to coffee for a much needed pick-me-up after our exam. Thanks Sullivan! (And thanks, caffeine for getting me through Psychology!)

Yesterday I was 19 and today I’m 20. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, it is. I think that birthdays are a great (and sometimes a little bit scary) reminder of how fast life flies by. I’m realizing as I get older each year how quickly the time passes. Birthdays are a special day that we can all use to celebrate life and the simple moments that might slip by us. Take time to have a random dance party. Light a candle and let it envelope your senses as you read. Bake a cake from scratch. Go to lunch with your best friend. Try chocolate in your coffee (it’s great). Decorate your living room with Christmas lights. Buy someone fresh flowers (thanks mom and dad!). Take a deep breath. Be thankful for little things like new notebooks and fresh bags of pumpkin spice coffee (thanks Erik and Michelle). Anyway, I had a GREAT birthday thanks to how caring all of the people in my life are.




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